Far Cry 5…in Montana?

So, apparently, Far Cry 5 takes place in Montana. We’re a day away from the worldwide reveal. I have to say, I’m a little excited. Since its advent, the series has offered traditionally “exotic” environments, from tropical islands to the African Savannah to a fictitious state set in the Himalayas. So this would seem to be the first time that the Far Cry series has ventured into the United States. I’m sort of curious if that means the exoticism dumped into the series’ locations will carry over to Far Cry 5’s Montana to some degree.

Some have said that this game will become embroiled in controversy since it portrays white folk (in Montana) as being despicable degenerates. I don’t know. I sort of wonder if Far Cry’s recurring theme of portraying “unsophisticated rural populations” as indeed…unsophisticated…will…recur…in this latest installment. It probably won’t contain as much of the phobia that focuses on remote locales and the people that live in them, but I’m sure it will still be there to a noticeable extent. I mean, you have to find ways to fictionalize a population in order to dehumanize them and thus justify murdering them.

I have to say. Enjoying the change of pace though.