Doug Jones Won Alabama’s Horse Race!

Well, it was certainly a close call, but Doug Jones managed to defeat Republican candidate and hard-right hood presser, Roy Moore. Moore is demanding a recount, but that doesn’t seem likely to change the results. Moore out, Jones in!

Alabama reached for the stars, and pulled down from the sky a stick of dynamite.

Jones won’t be shown his seat until 2018, but no one cares. He’s still a stick of dynamite. I have to say, for awhile there, I was expecting Moore to take the ticket because of firmly entrenched pessimism.

Doug Jones promises to upset the Republican legislative process, and on the national level, this is seen as just another rejection of cynical, hard-knuckled, short-sighted and chaotic Trumpism.

I’m sure he’ll sleep well tonight. Doug Jones, I mean. Not the POTUS. Moore might kill himself. Who really cares at this point?

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