Roy Moore, Doug Jones, Who Will be Aborted?

Ideologies insert themselves into political parties, and the party often rules the day. Alabama is a hotbed for competitive politics as Roy Moore and Doug Jones throw punches and hit below the belt, pulling for their respective ideologies in hopes that voters will respond favorably. I’ve written several posts on the Roy Moore situation. You can find them here, here, and here.

But, back, to ideology, abortion is a hot button issue in the state of Alabama, maybe even more so than gun rights. Doug Jones heavily supports abortion, and this might be enough to edge him out. However, Alabama is taking center stage right now, and sometimes when you sense the winds of change, you are compelled to vote in a wild direction, no matter how sleepy your state tends to be. It’s time to wake up, Alabama. The alarm clock has gone off.

Let’s compare Grapples and Oranges, shall we?

  • Roy Moore has been a controversial candidate long before the sexual misconduct charges, but his status as a right-wing nutjob has only increased since the allegations. If you are going to pull off hard-right, white-knuckled Christian conservatism, Alabama is the right place since it is the most evangelical state in the country.
  • Doug Jones is lukewarm, mild-mannered Democrat. I like how soft his face looks though. I bet it’s sculptable like clay. He’s also a former prosecutor, if that’s worth anything.

Anyway, tune in later, I will update with election results as soon as I can. Enjoy this wrinkle in time, or in other words, a hyper-competitive abyss where we can forget the world is going down the crap shoot.


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