Roy Moore and the Bannon Connection

Here I am, trying to uphold my promise of covering the Roy Moore/Doug Jones election every day ’till the fateful hour. Don’t have much time to pen a lengthy post, but length isn’t everything.

Okay, so, firebrand and former Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon plans to campaign with Roy Moore for the second time in the space of a week, the last week for the election campaign, in fact. At a rally in Fairhope earlier this week, Bannon had this to say

“Judge Moore is a military graduate, and served his country in one of the toughest wars we’ve ever had, Vietnam,” Bannon said. “He went over there for his country and his state and his family. Mitt, that’s honor and integrity. By the way, Mitt, you avoided service, brother.”

Bannon thinks he is an Extreme Edgelord. He’s banking everything he has on Roy Moore’s victory. This is how he will get his “street cred.”

Let’s see how well it works for Mr. Bannon this Tuesday.

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