Does Doug Jones “stand a snowball’s chance in hell” against Roy Moore?

Here I am again, wondering why I’m here. Choosing to remain in purgatory in order to debate the obvious. It seems less clear now that Democratic candidate Doug Jones will tumble into victory against his fiery opponent, former Alabama Supreme Court Judge, Roy Moore. Just a few things on my mind.

  • The “Fake News” connection

Just another meme on the national level that’s taken root in Alabama. Though that’s not to say that the sleepy state derived its sense of denial from elsewhere in the US, at least not entirely. Mistrust of the media inspired by the electorate’s distaste for liberal views clearly didn’t spring up yesterday, however it was probably enhanced by the “fake news” meme that has swept across the country.

Let’s add some statistics. The “fake news” or “false allegations” charges have been the go-to excuse for 71 percent of Alabama’s Republicans.

  • White Women in Alabama

White men in Alabama already seemed like a lost cause. Most of them are “hard” Christians and are more than willing to vote in Roy Moore to the Senate. But white women weren’t as easy to pin down initially since Doug Jones was pro-abortion. Apparently, 6 in 10 white women would choose to vote for Roy Moore.

  • It’s Alabama

When was the last time you saw a Democrat elected down there? That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but history shows that it’s damn difficult.


Okay, what does Doug Jones have to offer?

Good question.

  • Doug Jones has become an attack dog.

Well, he’s recently stepped up his attacks on the Senate hopeful, saying that Moore should rot in jail, not recline in the pomp of the United States Senate. I hope you’ll forgive my generous paraphrasing.

  • He wants to galvanize African American voters.

Doug Jones is “pulling out all the stops” to try and get African American voters to his side, since they make up about 25% of Alabama’s electorate.

Doug Jones has a quite a bit of work to do if he wishes beat to zealot Roy Moore. Simply not being a perverted firebrand isn’t enough for him to eek out a victory. He’ll have to be tough. Resilient. Resourceful. But does Jones have the mettle? We’ll see.

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