Mitt Romney is back! (Of course, that’s not necessarily a good thing)

Mitt Romney might run for Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat. Here he comes swaggering in, a glaring symbol of establishment nostalgia. Is any old, stodgy Republican suddenly an ally if they are anti-Trump? Still, no.

Don’t have time to write a full post, but this is just a ponderous attempt at apprehending what Romney means for the political landscape. Trump must find him so detestable to his brand and agenda that he is trying to block the grey hawk from the Senate. Will Romney be the next R-Utah? And what’s up with Senator Hatch expressing his admiration for the Neo-Nazi-in-chief?

Basically, this Republican civil war has devolved from one between fiery insurgents and establishment Republicans, to one of extremists vs. establishment conservatives vs. vaguely establishment conservatives. It’s essentially a three-way. There’s no road sign in the dark to gently nudge these politicians back onto the road. Guess it was more or less a “road to hell” anyway. This is maybe just a shortcut.

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