A Sleepy Life

The afternoon nap sets in for the long haul

Gettin comfortable
But still razor sharp
And ready for anything

Hearts slow down
Heat ramps up
Humidity takes without asking
Vegetation grows
Choosing green to represent it
Buildings decay and spread out
Leaking and being joyous
Relaxing for an hour or two

But there’s a human side to the town
Nestled between mountainous courage
Sleeping idols sleep their dreams away
A few ambitious people stroll the cobblestone walks
Gazing at other ghosts like themselves
Stopping to purchase flowers or to ponder what the sea killed that day

Hearts give off a smell too
A whiff of pennies drifts toward the salty sea
He was going to pull the trigger that day
Except the penny thing threw him off
The atmosphere went from all right to all wrong
Now he stands wondering what he’ll eat for lunch
Maybe the vendor down the street is still open
Fish or chicken?

Those damn existential questions

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