An Afterglow’s Twilight

Pause the screen
It will always be there
Like aluminum foil
Or bees making bread

Even when it sleeps for the night
There is still a pleasant afterglow
Words from resting heads permeate the silence
Swatting at dust motes
Gnawing on them for sustenance
Well that and for the sheer pleasure

The dust motes do little
To assert themselves
Not defending their territory in the slightest
Just waiting for syllables to get tired
Of it all
And go elsewhere

But finding new feeding grounds isn’t easy
Let’s gnaw on the dust motes
Basking in the afterglow that sustains every living thing

Even as the sun is going down
We’re succumbing to the pleasure
The feeding, the carnage
Just everything

The life sustaining light has to die sometime
But we’ve had a good run
And several minutes remain
An eon in afterglow terms


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