A dollop of reality

Thanks for all the $
You’ve been swell
You, The American People

But politeness is overkill at this point
You’ve bought the product
You’ve seen all there is to see

You once saw a healing halo
Now you’ll succumb to acid rain
Said the man in the finest suit

You can’t blame me
I didn’t take a $ for the job
Not a salary anyway
Just money of the people
Meant for the people

But I am a citizen too
You can’t begrudge me that
I’ve done a good job
A swell job
You have to admit that

And you’ll remember the time
I stood behind a podium
Speaking into a microphone
Spinning golden words
Giving you a slice of what you’ll never have
The palm trees shimmering
The breeze delightful
The sun bathing you

It was a great day
My words were at their finest
You forgot about your problems for a little while
You have to admit that


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