A wise soul among the rest

They needed something
The elephants needed a flaw in
Helpful architecture
Spraying water from their trunks
Making the exterior theirs again
After so long
So long
Aching to acquire architecture
Things were finally right as rain

The sun finally rose again
Giving the structure a brilliant yellow glow
Illuminating the various rooms
And the royal grounds were open to the sky
Letting ospreys land
The elements on their heels

“The Dream” was just beginning
In another instant, it was over
The structure quivered in victory
Exiling ospreys, and the Senators of old

One Senator stood apart
He had always considered himself philosophical
Pondering what had went wrong
Something about the architecture of this place
Was cleverer than the lawmaker
Bringing those worthless souls together

But it remained fluid
Not to be trifled with
Maybe the Senators would burn the paper
On which the words that gave it life were printed
Worshiping and hating the thing
Something had to be done


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