Doug Jones Won Alabama’s Horse Race!

Well, it was certainly a close call, but Doug Jones managed to defeat Republican candidate and hard-right hood presser, Roy Moore. Moore is demanding a recount, but that doesn’t seem likely to change the results. Moore out, Jones in!

Alabama reached for the stars, and pulled down from the sky a stick of dynamite.

Jones won’t be shown his seat until 2018, but no one cares. He’s still a stick of dynamite. I have to say, for awhile there, I was expecting Moore to take the ticket because of firmly entrenched pessimism.

Doug Jones promises to upset the Republican legislative process, and on the national level, this is seen as just another rejection of cynical, hard-knuckled, short-sighted and chaotic Trumpism.

I’m sure he’ll sleep well tonight. Doug Jones, I mean. Not the POTUS. Moore might kill himself. Who really cares at this point?

Roy Moore, Doug Jones, Who Will be Aborted?

Ideologies insert themselves into political parties, and the party often rules the day. Alabama is a hotbed for competitive politics as Roy Moore and Doug Jones throw punches and hit below the belt, pulling for their respective ideologies in hopes that voters will respond favorably. I’ve written several posts on the Roy Moore situation. You can find them here, here, and here.

But, back, to ideology, abortion is a hot button issue in the state of Alabama, maybe even more so than gun rights. Doug Jones heavily supports abortion, and this might be enough to edge him out. However, Alabama is taking center stage right now, and sometimes when you sense the winds of change, you are compelled to vote in a wild direction, no matter how sleepy your state tends to be. It’s time to wake up, Alabama. The alarm clock has gone off.

Let’s compare Grapples and Oranges, shall we?

  • Roy Moore has been a controversial candidate long before the sexual misconduct charges, but his status as a right-wing nutjob has only increased since the allegations. If you are going to pull off hard-right, white-knuckled Christian conservatism, Alabama is the right place since it is the most evangelical state in the country.
  • Doug Jones is lukewarm, mild-mannered Democrat. I like how soft his face looks though. I bet it’s sculptable like clay. He’s also a former prosecutor, if that’s worth anything.

Anyway, tune in later, I will update with election results as soon as I can. Enjoy this wrinkle in time, or in other words, a hyper-competitive abyss where we can forget the world is going down the crap shoot.


Roy Moore vs Doug Jones: The Home Stretch/Russia

Well, it’s election day. Someone’s going to be calling his mama later tonight.

It’s very difficult to say who will win the only Senate race in recent memory that has so captured public attention. Doug Jones would certainly be bucking a trend, that’s for sure. He would be turning about a quarter century of voting history on its head, since the pattern is that Senatorial candidates typically don’t succeed in states which have voted for the presidential nominee of the opposite party. But that doesn’t mean his chances in the current context are slim. Roy Moore was a controversial candidate long before the fleece of sexual misconduct was placed on his shoulders.

  • Dishonorable Discharge

For starters, Roy Moore has been booted from the Alabama Supreme Court bench twice for being a shit-starting firebrand. Not one to follow orders from the federal government, he’s well, not followed them, and has been booted twice.

  • Theocracy, here we come!

Roy Moore isn’t just off his rocker, he wants the government to be off its rocker too (well, it already is). Essentially, Moore wants to turn the United States government into a theocracy. But what kind of theocracy? One where we all worship Putin? See below.

  • Another Puppet for Russia? 

The fiery Republican also suggested that “Putin is right” about same-sex marriage. It’s a fucked up position to argue, but why even invoke Mr. Putin? To crush two conservative eggs for the price of one.

More as it develops!

Roy Moore and the Fickle Scythe of Republicans

Leave it to the GOP to drop their collective scythe, then pick it up again at the last moment. Republican Alabama Senator Richard Shelby claimed that he “couldn’t vote for Roy Moore.”

He also had this to say:

“(W)e call it a tipping point,” Shelby said. “I think, so many accusations, so many cuts, so many drip, drip, drip — when it got to the 14-year-old’s story, that was enough for me. I said I can’t vote for Roy Moore.”

Well, that’s nice and everything, but despite the firm allegations of sexual misconduct (such a clinical, dispassionate term) against Roy Moore, he’s still in a competitive race with his democratic opponent, Doug Jones. I’m wondering if a firmer Republican revolt earlier on would’ve wilted the Moore parade. Instead, we have to contend with Mitch McConnell’s firm spinelessness. “Let the voters decide.” Blah, blah, blah, now he wants to tout the virtues of democracy.

Not much else is new in Roy Moore land. He disappeared for the weekend, the ghost of his controversy keeping the buckle on the bible belt vibrating in his absence. Even the old goat’s absence has to spark attention. “Where did the goat go now? What’s he up to? Does he still have kneecaps?” Roy Moore without kneecaps, he’d probably pull a stunt like that to sway swing voters. The sympathy card. Not on my watch.

Anyway, two more days. “Ya’ll” sit tight until then. Maybe Roy Moore has a trick up his sleeve. He probably doesn’t need one. It’s Alabama, after all.


Roy Moore and the Bannon Connection

Here I am, trying to uphold my promise of covering the Roy Moore/Doug Jones election every day ’till the fateful hour. Don’t have much time to pen a lengthy post, but length isn’t everything.

Okay, so, firebrand and former Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon plans to campaign with Roy Moore for the second time in the space of a week, the last week for the election campaign, in fact. At a rally in Fairhope earlier this week, Bannon had this to say

“Judge Moore is a military graduate, and served his country in one of the toughest wars we’ve ever had, Vietnam,” Bannon said. “He went over there for his country and his state and his family. Mitt, that’s honor and integrity. By the way, Mitt, you avoided service, brother.”

Bannon thinks he is an Extreme Edgelord. He’s banking everything he has on Roy Moore’s victory. This is how he will get his “street cred.”

Let’s see how well it works for Mr. Bannon this Tuesday.

Roy Moore’s Victory?

I’ve written some semi-interesting blog posts about Roy Moore recently. You can find some of them here and here. Also, if you’re really, REALLY interested in Roy Moore, also here! Roy Moore is the man of the hour apparently, so you better check them out.

The most recent poll that I’m aware of says that Moore is up by 7 percentage points. A quote directly from this link cautions against using statewide polls as perfect measures of predictability.

“While the most recent numbers shows Moore widening his lead, analysts at caution that statewide surveys, such as those used in a Senate race, have a higher rate of error than national polls.”

The article goes on to say that it’s also difficult to predict specifics of voter turnout since it’s a special election. Well. I guess we’ll see. Better kick it into high gear, Mr. Jones.

Does Doug Jones “stand a snowball’s chance in hell” against Roy Moore?

Here I am again, wondering why I’m here. Choosing to remain in purgatory in order to debate the obvious. It seems less clear now that Democratic candidate Doug Jones will tumble into victory against his fiery opponent, former Alabama Supreme Court Judge, Roy Moore. Just a few things on my mind.

  • The “Fake News” connection

Just another meme on the national level that’s taken root in Alabama. Though that’s not to say that the sleepy state derived its sense of denial from elsewhere in the US, at least not entirely. Mistrust of the media inspired by the electorate’s distaste for liberal views clearly didn’t spring up yesterday, however it was probably enhanced by the “fake news” meme that has swept across the country.

Let’s add some statistics. The “fake news” or “false allegations” charges have been the go-to excuse for 71 percent of Alabama’s Republicans.

  • White Women in Alabama

White men in Alabama already seemed like a lost cause. Most of them are “hard” Christians and are more than willing to vote in Roy Moore to the Senate. But white women weren’t as easy to pin down initially since Doug Jones was pro-abortion. Apparently, 6 in 10 white women would choose to vote for Roy Moore.

  • It’s Alabama

When was the last time you saw a Democrat elected down there? That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but history shows that it’s damn difficult.


Okay, what does Doug Jones have to offer?

Good question.

  • Doug Jones has become an attack dog.

Well, he’s recently stepped up his attacks on the Senate hopeful, saying that Moore should rot in jail, not recline in the pomp of the United States Senate. I hope you’ll forgive my generous paraphrasing.

  • He wants to galvanize African American voters.

Doug Jones is “pulling out all the stops” to try and get African American voters to his side, since they make up about 25% of Alabama’s electorate.

Doug Jones has a quite a bit of work to do if he wishes beat to zealot Roy Moore. Simply not being a perverted firebrand isn’t enough for him to eek out a victory. He’ll have to be tough. Resilient. Resourceful. But does Jones have the mettle? We’ll see.

I’m invested in this Roy Moore/Doug Jones thing

Yeah, like, highly invested. A non-christian conservative victory in Alabama seems so close, yet so far away. The tradition of the grandly competitive “lesser of two evils” vote is alive and well, thriving even.

Just wrote a post about it on my other blog, which you can find here.

I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to cover this topic every day until the election, to build up anticipation. Most interesting election, in well, about a year. Roy Moore: Trump. Doug Jones: a quieter, slightly less annoying, Hillary Clinton. All this is taking place in a deeply red state. But do shades of blue exist in there somewhere? We’ll see.

(For those that are in any doubt because I insulted Hillary Clinton, I am a raging leftist. At least, per my definition).

See you all tomorrow!

The Roy Moore Situation: Does the State of Alabama Have a Sense of Ethics?

I talked earlier this morning about there being an extreme likelihood that Roy Moore will stomp his victory stamp across the sleepy state of Alabama. I also talked about how Doug Jones seems placenta-filled, mild-mannered, and pathetic enough that he doesn’t come across as the ideal candidate to unseat decades of political certainty.

My previous post talked more about the electoral side of things. This entry will ponder the state of Alabama itself. Or, the state of the state of Alabama. It’s my opinion that Alabama is so steeped in an archaic sense of morality that any firebrand will do.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats would have a better chance of making Roy Moore run for the hills if they had evidence he took the lord’s name in vain or something. Well, it makes you wonder. Would anything be enough to permanently change the minds of Alabama Republicans? They’ve rationalized Moore’s ethical ills away to the detriment of their own ethical compasses. “Fake News” and so on. John the Baptist or some such. “Things are about to get Biblical” really doesn’t cover it.

The propensity to groupthink is never a good sign. There are also no scientific checks and balances down there. The Bible belt has been through the washer more than a handful of times, and yet, it comes out smelling brand new. Alabama is probably feeling invigorated rather than truly ambivalent. Sometimes the initial ambivalence predicts and ideological coalescing. Other times not.

What I’m concerned about is the very discernible odor of social change. Look at the rise of Donald Trump. The pardoning of Arpaio. Those Constitutional Sheriffs that are trying to “take their states back” by prioritizing state law over the constitution,…or something. Alabama isn’t immune to this shift. No state is immune, and those shifts are expressed differently depending on various factors. Some states absorb national changes via their own individualist strain. Consider, for example, how Alabama views the media. Mistrust of the Fourth Estate is fairly common already, and it seems like it’s only enhanced in that state.

You also have the issue with net neutrality, which will place a severe bottleneck on the flow of information on the interwebs, just another stair for the evolutionary throwback to fall down.

Seems like the usual tendency to focus on micro-politics needs to be opened up, then, that this just isn’t a problem with Alabama, and the anxiety over Roy Moore should also take into consideration wider social shifts that feed into each other. Finally, solely focusing on macro-politics leaves out important details. Certain states become refuges, or hotbeds even, of particular kinds of ideology. National shifts can increase those phenomena.


Will Roy Moore Win Alabama?

Despite several women coming forward and accusing Roy Moore of being an extreme pervert (my wording, and possibly that of others, I don’t know, I haven’t scoured the entirety of the internet), it’s still highly possible, even probable, that the “local firebrand born amid fierce saber-rattling” will take the Alabama ticket. What a shame. American politics was having such a good run.

I doubt Doug Jones, mild-mannered, and placenta-filled though he his, will take the state. Seeing how his mild-mannered-ness  is akin to marshmallow-stuffed sweet potatoes, it seems he won’t have the energy to galvanize the Democrats or take advantage of indecisive Republicans (are there any indecisive Republicans in Alabama?) It’s a highly evangelical state, so Roy Moore’s brand of religious goop is much more palatable to the masses down there than Doug Jones and his pro-life stance, which seems to me is the hot-button issue that keeps anemic Republicans from switching sides.

Not to mention, Mitch McConnell walked back across the bridge of actually taking a stand on something, saying that the voters of Alabama should decide. Well, that was helpful, he might as well not have said anything at all. Rewind, cut the film footage. Next scenario: Rewind, cut the film footage. I didn’t say that. Oh, but you did, and Roy Moore touched those women as sure as the good book will prop up the state of Alabama for the next century.